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10k items of clothing
are sent to landfill
every 5 minutes

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Our planet is in serious trouble and our nation’s addiction to new clothes is doing more harm than you may think

It’s estimated that more than two tonnes of clothing are bought each minute in the UK, more than any other country in Europe.
That amount produces nearly 50 tonnes of carbon emissions - the same as driving 162,000 miles in a car.

Buying just one white cotton shirt produces the same amount of emissions as driving 35 miles in a car

New research by WRAP shows just how polluting the UK’s consumption of new clothes really is. In one month alone, the carbon footprint of new clothes bought in the UK was greater than flying a plane around the world 900 times.

Meet Ria (Founder)
Why 2ndLyfe?

As a busy mother of three, I truly appreciate the value of good quality items that can live up to the demands of everyday life.

Over the years I've developed a tried-and-tested method for assessing the quality of clothes (and if they'll stand the test of time with three adventurous children)! It felt only natural to pass this acquired knowledge to others who were looking for high-quality products at affordable prices - and so, 2nd Lyfe was born!

As a self-described emporium for sustainable childrenswear, I have hand picked & inspected every single item to ensure it's ready to be sent to its new home. I am a huge advocate of repairing/upcycling where possible, and by sourcing preloved items we can mitigate any items heading needlessly to landfill.

From big name brands to cute boutique pieces, 2ndLyfe proudly provides a wide range of pre-loved clothes, accessories & more to customers seeking high quality without a hefty price tag.